3 Ways to Transform your Garden for Autumn

Tuesday, 17 October 2023
3 Ways to Transform your Garden for Autumn

As the chill of autumn settles in and the nights grow longer, there is a simple enjoyment in matching your garden to the season. NOMA is here to guide you through the transformation of summer fun to autumn cosy.

1.    At NOMA, our collection features a diverse range of candles which includes our innovative 10 Remote Control Magic Candles. They not only give off a cosy atmosphere as they flicker through the night, but they tie in perfectly with Halloween, wowing others with their magic. On the other hand, for a touch of realism, we also offer an assortment of small and large candles, designed to appear as realistic as possible and to engulf your space in an inviting glow.


2.    We have a collection of stunning and vibrant mandarin lanterns that could take centre stage in any garden enhancing the already colourful nature of autumn. These are made to hang all around to encourage individuals to create visually appealing outdoor settings, ultimately complimenting the season.


3.    Nothing screams autumn more than the changing of the trees. Celebrate this beauty with our wide selection of string lights that are designed to be wrapped around trees to highlight and show off their changes. Alternatively, our Willow Trees pair perfectly with the soft glow of autumn. These trees could steal the spotlight in any garden whilst keeping nature at the forefront.

This autumn, let NOMA light up your garden with warmth and elegance. From the flicker of a candle, to mesmerising lanterns, to the eye-catching glow of the trees, it is clear that autumn does not have to be dreary and grey, it is an opportunity for you to shine light on your incredible space.